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Something About Hulu TV

Overview of Hulu TV
In 2007, NBC and NewsCorp decided it was time to take on YouTube. Their creation, Hulu, was one of the first video Web sites dedicated to professional content. The site brings together professionally produced shows in one easy-to-navigate web site, so users can easily find and watch their favorite programs.

Since its debut, Hulu has gotten some competition. But due to its early entry, ease or use and exclusive access to lots of premium content, it’s remained the leader in online TV.
What Can I Watch on Hulu TV?
Hulu TV offers full-length movies and tv shows, sports events and short video clips. The site even offers HD programming. You can watch current programs, like the latest episode of The Simpsons, or go back and find old classics like Starsky and Hutch or the Bob Newhart Show on Hulu TV.

Since Hulu’s launch other players have grown powerful in this space, both in the US and Canada, with no bigger player than Netflix. Netflix offers a massive library of content for a low monthly fee.

Like Netflix, Hulu is also producing Hulu-exclusive content, in an effort to bring subscribers through the door. Hulu Original programming is available on Hulu, and nowhere else.

What Do Hulu Videos Look Like?
Videos automatically play in a smallish player (approx 6 x 4 inches), but you have the option of enlarging it to full screen. You can also play the video on a pop out screen, or “dim the lights” and obscure everything in the background on the Hulu TV page.

If you’re using high-speed internet, Hulu videos are very high-quality and look great even when they’re blown up on a big screen TV.

How Do I Watch Hulu TV?
Hulu doesn’t require any special installation, other than Flash, as the videos stream directly from Hulu’s Web site. You can sign up for a Hulu or Hulu Pro account, but it’s not necessary.
On Hulu TV you can browse by title, popularity, genre or studio. Hulu also offers video “collections” where you can find groups of videos like pilot episodes or SNL skits.

Hulu Pro users get unlimited access to the entire Hulu library. If you use Hulu for free, you get a more limited selection.

How Much Does Hulu Cost?
You can watch Hulu for free, or pay $9.99/month for Hulu Pro. On the free version of Hulu, you can watch the latest episodes of many TV shows, and a limited selection of movies. Hulu Pro gives users access to all episodes and more movies. Hulu Pro also lets you watch on an iPhone or iPad, or with an internet TV device.

Both versions of Hulu are ad-supported, so you’ll see a few 30-second commercials during the course of a show.

What Other Features Does Hulu TV Offer?
Hulu connects to all the major social networks, so you can share videos, suggestions, and reviews with your friends and followers. You can also use Hulu to set up a video queue and subscribe to shows. By doing this, you’ll be able to save programs that you want to see, and you’ll automatically know when new episodes of your favorite shows are added to Hulu TV.

Are There Other Sites Like Hulu TV?
Yes. It seems like every day more services like Hulu launch.
Hulu is unique, though, in that it is the only site that is licensed to show current episodes of shows from NBC and other major networks.

Therefore, with other services like Boxee – which is a desktop application for watching online video – you are actually directed to Hulu when you watch certain shows. Or, in the case of Apple TV, you’re charged a rental fee to watch shows that stream free on Hulu. Of course, there’s also Netflix, which offers plenty of television shows, movies ,​and original content, with viewing possible up to 4K.