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How to Use Grindr application on Your PC

Grindr, the popular social network for gay and bi men, uses location data from devices to enable real-life connections. The app runs on certain versions of iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, as well as on thousands of devices running Android.It’s really meant to be used on a mobile gadget in order to fully take advantage of the features. However, if you really want to proceed with using the Grindr application on a desktop or laptop computer, there is an option.
First of all, you’re going to have to install some software on your machine that “emulates,” in other words, makes it look like and function like a mobile device. Because you’ll have to install it, you’ll need to have the right permissions available on your computer to enable you to install new software. Assuming you do have the rights, you’ll need to select an emulator to install — there are many available for PCs that will simulate either the Android or the iOS experience. Depending on where you work and what your role is, you may or may not have the rights to put new software on your machine — sometimes these rights are reserved for the people who manage and maintain your work computers. If you have a Mac, there is a tool called a Simulator available in a set of Apple Developer Tools called XCode.

Once you install the emulator, you’ll be able to search for and find the Grindr application just like you’d be able to on an iOS or Android device.

You can then open it within the simulated environment on your desktop or laptop computer.

A word of caution, however: Even if you have the right permissions to allow you to install software on your computer, some companies have strict policies regarding how equipment provided by the employer can be used — and may have mechanisms in place to track your activity.
You don’t want to be the guy who gets called into the boss’ office because the IT department reported that you’ve put some third party software on your machine and have been logging into it for extensive amounts of time. Additionally, some of the emulators can be tricky to install and are often reported as being slow, and “buggy.” Lastly, some of the features in Grindr may not work as expected since they are being used in an environment that they were never intended for. One of the biggest concerns would be whether your location information would show up correctly if it even showed up at all. Grindr uses the GPS technology in your mobile device to identify your location, which it then uses to “find guys near you, anytime, anywhere.” If your location information isn’t available or doesn’t show up correctly, you may be presented with few matches or matches that aren’t in your area. How disappointing it would be to run across an exciting prospect only to find out that he is GU (Geographically Unavailable).

It might be best to save your Grindr sessions for your breaks and off-work hours when you can comfortably use your phone or tablet to browse and interact. After all, you don’t want to have to suddenly close down a chat session with a hottie because the boss is standing behind you!