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Hardware : PlayStation VR Review

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In a year that has already seen the arrival of virtual reality headsets from Oculus (the Rift) and HTC (Vive), another major player is entering the arena. Launching October 13th, Sony’s new PlayStation VR offers a slightly more affordable (though slightly less technically capable) virtual reality gaming option, bringing VR to PlayStation 4 owners rather than just PC gamers.

What do you need to use the PlayStation VR?Almost everyone will also want to pick up some 2010-era Move controllers (another additional purchase), which make the experience of controlling gameplay in VR a bit more seamless. (A $500 bundle includes the camera, controllers, and PlayStation VR WORLDS game.) About $400, a PS4 console (obviously), and a PlayStation Camera peripheral (not so obviously; it doesn’t automatically come with the VR headset).

You’ll also need to buy some VR-enabled games.More than titles are available at launch—most notably, Batman: Arkham VR, Driveclub VR, Rez Infinite, and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (see full list at the bottom of this page)—with another 30 or so due before the end of the year. Many of the games available at this point, however, are either fairly basic, brief, or both.

Below, find quotes from professional reviewers of the PlayStation VR hardware itself. (Click on any publication name to read the full review.) Scores (converted to our 0-100 scale) are listed only if one has been assigned by the publication itself; otherwise, we have grouped the reviews into rough categories, from most to least positive.