Unlimited free disposable email addresses

Create a new e-mail address whenever you need one. Maintain complete control over active addresses. Forwards all mail to your existing e-mail address. You can even reply anonymously to emails forwarded by xEmail. Never receive unwanted e-mail again!

It's as simple as one, two, three!


Sign up and pick a username, for example, "joesmith". Now, any email address ending with [email protected] will be forwarded to you. The next time you visit a website that asks for your email address, instead of giving them your real email address, just make one up especially for them.


For example, if the website is tribble.com, you might give them [email protected]. Don't worry, you don't need to do anything else, we'll create an alias automatically the first time they try to send you an email, and we'll forward any emails they send to you. You can even reply anonymously to any mails received through xEmail.


Later, if tribble.com start to send you emails you don't want, or even if they sell your email address to a spammer, just click on the link that we add to the top of every email we forward, we'll kill their alias, and they won't bother you any more.

How much does xEmail Cost?

Our basic service is absolutely FREE, and includes a generous bandwidth limit.

However, if you want to take advantage of additional features, like choosing your own domain or increasing the daily bandwidth and reply limits, you can sign up for our premium service, which has a small subscription fee.